EARLIES create products with one simple mission in mind. To share the stoke.

Stoke that comes in the form of hand crafted, ocean inspired, designy sketchy arty stuff. Stuff to hang on walls. Stuff to wear. Stuff to give mermaids and mermen a salty fix whenever they need it.

Everything we make, we make in limited numbers. We make it with love, care and attention. And we make things with our own fair hands. Which is what makes us different. Good different we think.

We hope you’re as stoked with our products as we are creating them.


Looking after the planet

As ocean dwellers, looking after the planet is always top of mind - so we minimise our environmental impact as much as we possibly can. We use water based inks, sustainable, environmentally friendly paper stock and have a zero plastic policy. 

We make it our mission to partner with suppliers who have sound environmental practices and provide good workplace standards to their employees through decent health and safety requirements, working conditions and fair pay.